While Nicky continues her streak of underachievement in updating the “News” section of her website, she’s actually pretty prompt about sharing news on her Twitter feed! Why not follow @nbeerpoet and see? Tweets also include content about Tom Waits, food, Denver, and adorable animals!

"Most Bizarre Beauty Queens of the 1950's" published in the donut poetry anthology The Book of Donuts (Terrapin Books). (9/2017)

Beer named one of 66 fellows for the Fall 2017 season of the MacDowell Colony. (9/2017)

"Elegy," "Kindness/Kindling," and "Nessun Dorma" appear in the latest issue of Jet Fuel Review. (4/2017)

Review of The Octopus Game appears in The Hollins Critic. (3/2017)

Newsflash: Nicky Beer remains lousy about regularly updating the "News" section of her website. (3/2017)

"Dinnerview" interview on Entropy Mag website. (9/2016)

"Juveniles" appears in the 7/4 issue of The New Yorker. (6/2016)

The Octopus Game wins the 2016 Colorado Book Award for Poetry. (5/2016)

"Scat" appears in the latest issue of the Alaska Quarterly Review. (5/2016)

The Octopus Game is named a finalist for the 2016 Colorado Book Award in Poetry. (3/2016)

"Small Claims Courtship" appears in the latest issue of Third Coast. (3/2016)

Appreciation of Yoko Ono's Grapefruit on the Memorious blog. (2/2016)

Review of The Octopus Game at American Microreviews and Interviews (9/2015)

Iinterview with poet-translators Patrick Phillips and David Keplinger at AGNI (9/2015)

Interviewed by J.P. Dancing Bear for KKUP, 91.5FM’s “Out of Our Minds” radio show (6/2015)

Awarded the 2016 Mary Wood Fellowship by Washington College. (5/2015)

Interview on The Rumpus Late Night Poetry Show. (4/2015)

Octopus vulgaris” from The Octopus Game featured on Verse Daily. (4/2015)

Interview at The Cloudy House, a literary forum for exploring the poetics of building a project book. (3/2015)

The Octopus Game is reviewed by Booklist. (2/2015)

The Octopus Game is featured in Publishers Weekly’s “PW Picks: Books of the Week” (1/2015)

The Octopus Game is reviewed by Publishers Weekly. (1/2015)

Short story, “City of Hands,” appears in the latest issue of Indiana Review (12/2014).

Second book of poems, The Octopus Game, is due out an Carnegie Mellon University Press in February 2015, (9/2014)

Appreciation of Henri Cole’s “Necessary and Impossible” at Voltage Poetry. (4/2014)

Breaking news: Nicky Beer is very bad about consistently updating the “News” section of her website. (4/2014)

AGNI shares “Spring Lures” on its Twitter feed. (3/2014) 

“Phlogiston Footage,” originally published in Pleiades, featured in Verse Daily. (5/2013)

“The Plagiarist” published as part of The Rumpus‘ National Poetry Project. (4/2013)

Update on The Octopus Game–new publication date: the book will be published by Carnegie Mellon University Press in early 2015 (3/2013)

Acclaimed San Francisco artist Sandra Yagi will be doing a commissioned cover for The Octopus Game (2/2013).

Poems forthcoming at The Southern Review and Pleiades. Poems also appearing in the anthology The New Census, to be published by Rescue Press in 2013 (1/2013).

“Rimbaud’s Kraken” reprinted in the anthology Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days (12/2012).

Essay in Blackbird, poems in recent issues of Poetry Northwest andSpillway (11/ 2012).

Nicky Beer will be appearing at the 2012 Geraldine Dodge Poetry Festival, October 11-14th, Newark, NJ. (6/2012)

Nicky Beer’s second book of poems, The Octopus Game, will be published byCarnegie Mellon University Press in 2014. (5/2012)

“Laboratory Model” will appear in the upcoming The Rumpus Original Poetry Anthology. (2/2012).

Giving a short talk on Polish poets, as part of the Mixed Taste lecture series at Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Paired with Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz, who will be talking about toy robots (1/2012).

Nicky Beer is the poetry judge for The Pinch 2012 Literary Awards in Fiction and Poetry. Deadline to submit is March 1, 2012 (12/2011).

“Marlene Dietrich Considers Penicillin, 1955,” nominated for a Pushcart Prize bySpillway (12/2011).

Poems forthcoming in Spillway (9/2011).

The Diminishing House receives favorable reviews from Pleiades and The Hollins Critic. (7/2011)

The Diminishing House has been named the winner of the 2011 Colorado Book Award in Poetry. (6/2011)

Nicky Beer will appear on KRFC 88.9‘s “The Poetry Show,” hosted by Dona Stein, at 6pm (MT) on Sunday, 5/15. The live show may be listened to online by clicking on “Schedule” on the KRFC website, and then clicking on “The Poetry Show.” Be sure to make adjustments for your time zone. (5/2011)

The Diminishing House has been named a finalist for the 2011 Colorado Book Award in Poetry. (4/2011)

Poems forthcoming in AGNI and Kenyon Review Online, essay forthcoming inCenter. (1/2011)

Ouroboros,” from The Diminishing House, is the feature poem on Poetry Daily for October 21, 2010. (10/2010)

Essay “The Inhuman Witness: Animals in the Poetry of Larry Levis” will appear in the next issue of Blackbird (originally presented at the conference “Larry Levis: A Celebration” at Virginia Commonwealth University, 9/22-9/24). (9/2010)

Two poems, “From Windows,” and “Population,” in the latest issue ofSou’wester. (7/2010)

The Diminishing House was the Boulder Bookstore’s Living Poets Society Poetry Bookclub’s choice for discussion for the month of June. (6/2010)

Nicky Beer will be signing copies of The Diminishing House at the Carnegie Mellon University Press table at 2010 Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference bookfair in Denver on Friday, April 9th, from 10-11am. (4/2010)

Nicky Beer will be appearing on the panel “The 25th Poem: Putting Together Your First Book” at the 2010 Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference in Denver, with Dan Albergotti, James Allen Hall, Anna Journey, and Sandy Tseng. The panel will take place on Thursday, April 8th, at 10:30am in Rooms 103 & 105 of the Colorado Convention Center. (4/2010)

Poems forthcoming in Sou’wester. (3/2010)

The Diminishing House debuts at #18 on the Poetry Foundation’s Contemporary Best Sellers list for the week of February 7, 2010.(2/2010)

Poems forthcoming in Triquarterly, Black Warrior Review and Iron Horse Literary Review. (2/2010)

Interview with Nicky Beer by Andy Fadyen-Ketchum forthcoming in New Orleans Review. (12/2009)